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Our School Mission Statement
"I have come that they should have life and have it to the full." (John 10:10)

Inspired by the teachings of Christ, St Edmund's and St Thomas' Catholic Primary school encourages and guides our pupils and all our school community to have a strong sense of service, love and compassion. In this way, they are encouraged to develop a vision for what they want to achieve with a zest for living life to the full.

In Nursery and Reception we are ' The Inventors' of our own learning. The children are given opportunities to play and explore, to investigate and experience things to promote a 'can do' attitude. They are active and develop their own ideas. They are all unique and will have different interests and abilities.

St Edmund’s and St Thomas’ Catholic Primary School Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

What is the EYFS?

The early years foundation stage (EYFS) covers the education of children aged 0-5.


St Edmund’s and St Thomas’ Early Years Vision Statement

We are a happy, experienced and dynamic team, passionate about every child achieving their full potential by providing an ambitious and exciting child centered curriculum which is accessible by all.

We design learning experiences that embrace the children’s wide range of interests.

We provide an exemplary, high quality indoor and outdoor learning environment that enables children to take risks, problem solve and develop independence in a safe, stimulating, fun environment.



Our EYFS curriculum goals and Intent, implementation and Impact Statement will provide you with more information about how we are implementing the Foundation Stage Statutory Framework 2021 in our school.

Thank you for your interest

Mrs Lynn Smith

EYFS Manager.



St Edmund’s and St Thomas’ Foundation Stage Parent Testimonials

"Alfie loves his time in nursery! He has made strong friendships and has a love of learning! The staff have worked so hard to get to know Alfie and how he learns. They plan experiences to enhance his curiosity and meet his next steps in learning. Their pastoral care is second to none and I always know Alfie is safe and nurtured. Alfie has loved lots of things this year, seeing the chicks hatch and his love of reading and stories has been built upon even more so. Thank you to the staff! Mrs Fagan………Just to add, I’ve really appreciated how his interests have been supported (dinosaurs, space - the volcano etc). Thank you to Ms McCombs, Ms Smith, and everyone behind the scenes for everything you’ve done for our son this year, it’s really appreciated and we’ve loved seeing how he’s come on under your guidance.  "Mr Fagan 


" Finley absolute adores coming to nursery at St Edmunds, he previously went to another nursery beforehand and we struggled to get him passed the door without crying and he would come home unhappy without playing with any children. Since being here he has completely come out of his shell and made so many friends, his speech has improved so much and he is always telling us such exciting things he has learned such as new songs and counting. He is always so proud to show us items he’s made or about what happened during his day and he is up in the morning excitedly putting on his uniform ready to go! The teachers are so welcoming and it feels like such a nice community as everyone is so friendly and you get to know faces throughout the school as well as many events where the parents can also take part. Communication is also very good as we get newsletters and texts very handy when we need important information and the app allows us to see what the children have been up to each week as well as post updates from home which Finley enjoys showing to his class. Very happy we chose this school for Finley and he is excited to start reception in September! " Mrs Harbottle 


"My son has only been attending St Edmunds & St Thomas’ nursery for 4 months and we have already seen so much progress in his development! His speech and language has progressed by excessive amounts which we are so happy about as we were very concerned about this. His confidence has grown and he loves going to school! I have started to notice that Oliver continues to showcase what he’s been learning in school at home. I love how the teachers inform us on what the children have been doing throughout the week through tapestry, I look forward to it at the end of each week. " Mrs Caulfield


" I have three children at St. Edmunds, all 3 have enjoyed the early years setting. The staff are wonderful with young children, their caring and understanding approach to learning is fantastic. My son, currently in reception, is very happy there. Watching him grow and learn through all the playful activities is lovely to see, being able to log in to tapestry and follow their day to day activities gives me an insight into a day in the life of my son, he has a brilliant time. " Mrs Moss


" My 3 children have attended the St Edmunds nursery. One is currently still there. Mrs smith and Mrs McCombs are an asset to the school. My 3 children have been taught by them and enjoyed every minute. They all come on so much in the nursery with their speech, confidence and social skills. One of my children is autistic who struggles in crowds but even he enjoyed the nursery and come on so much. I feel so much more reassured leaving my kids with such lovely caring staff. My son enjoys playing and learning everyday and seeing what he is up to everyday on the tapestry is just lovely. " Mrs Fluke


" My twin boys have been attending nursery since last year. Their speech and language has come on a lot- they were communicating using different frequency noises but now they are pretty much talking. The variety of things to do in nursery is brilliant and I never have any bother getting the boys in to nursery as they are very happy there. " Mrs Ritson


" I have 3 children and so far 2 of them have attended St Edmunds nursery, both absolutely love it. My child currently in the nursery is so well looked after by Mrs Smith and Mrs McCombs. They both do so much to ensure the children enjoy their days and I really wouldn’t leave my children anywhere else. My youngest child is due to start next year and already can’t wait! I’m so glad we get to be a part of the nursery for another couple of years. " Mrs Marsden.


" Maisie started St Edmunds Nursery sept 2022. I just new from her first visit she was going to love it . Mrs Smith and Mrs McCombs are so lovely and welcoming and go above and beyond for everyone, nothings ever a problem. Maisie has gained so much confidence and learnt so much in a small period of time. It is lovely to see how excited she gets to go to school, learn but also have fun . I can’t thank you enough , keep doing what you do your both Amazing x  " Mrs Wignall


" My son attended the school nursery and is now in reception, he has loved both. The nursery really helped his confidence grow and he loved all the fun activities there was. Attending the nursery really helped with his transition into reception. Thomas wakes up each school morning so excited for the day ahead, all staff are so great with the children and make it so special for him. The children are outside a lot and I love that we get to see what they have been up to through Tapestry. " Mrs Fitzpatrick


" My son started Reception this year and has come on in leaps and bounds - most notably in his reading, writing and social skills. He enjoys sharing his learning and the variety of work really engages him. The staff are very supportive, engage well with parents and encourage home school links. "  Mrs Hallinan

" Our son runs into school every day, always happy and eager to go in! During his time in nursery and reception, the early years team have nurtured and encouraged him and we have watched our little baby grow into a knowledgeable, inquisitive, enthusiastic young boy! I'm so glad we picked St. Edmund's and St. Thomas'."
Mr and Mrs Gorst


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