Mission Day

Dear Reader,

  In our school- in Waterloo, England- St. Edmunds and St. Thomas Primary, we follow the rules of Christianity (God’s commandments). Following from this, our school motto is ‘Love, Learn and Live like Jesus’.

  From Maths to English to Geography to Science, academic lessons are usually what you think of when school is mentioned. But, aside from our usual lessons, our school is a place where we study things like how to love, trust and be kind to each-other.

  We help other people in our school- for example; we have people who visit the Nursery, Reception and Year one building to help clean up for the teachers, and to help the children learn. We also have Year Six and Five helping Year Two and Three read. Year Four, Five and Two often help keep our garden looking great. These are some of the ways we follow what Jesus wants us to.

  I think that, having read this, you should encourage your friends and family to follow these rules. Incorporate them into your daily routine maybe, and make sure everybody knows and understands how important they are. Tell them to try their best to love, learn, and be the best version of themselves. Even opening a door for someone, picking up something someone may have dropped for them -simple things like this, can prove to God we are doing what he wants us to be doing.

  The real trick to being successful- at anything, but this in our case- is believing you can do it and putting confidence in yourself and everything you do. This way, you are putting full effort into everything, so even if you don’t end up successful; you’ve tried your best, which is the important thing.

  Loving and learning is an important aspect of your life, because doing so reflects on what people think of you. Build a character of kindness, trust, care, patience and tolerance. People should recognise this through your actions, and it will make them have high expectations of you, which is guaranteed to make you work harder to keep that reputation.

  Please take into consideration that throughout this letter I have pointed out things that are what you find in a really good character, for you to learn.

   Thank you for your time and co-operation,

Grace Sullivan, Year Six student from St. Edmunds and St. Thomas’ Catholic Primary School.

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